Chemicals for the industry - Electrosyntesis

Quality System for the management and the manufacturing processes

EURO KEMICAL SRL implements the procedures that regulate the production and storage, the controls on products, raw materials, programs, and monitoring to ensure that the substances , equipment and tools fulfill the requirements setted.

  • Organization and management
  • Building and facilities
  • Manufacturing control
  • Quality control
  • Packaging, Labeling and Storage
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Environment

D.L. 34/2019

Tutti gli aiuti ricevuti sono indicati nel Registro Nazionale degli Aiuti di Stato, Art. 35 del D.L. 34/2019, tra cui incentivi occupazionali NEET e contributi energivori


All aids are listed in the National Aids Register of State (Registro Nazionale degli Aiuti di Stato), Art. 35 of Legislative Decree 34/2019, including NEET employment incentives and contributions for energy-intensive consumption